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Travel Baseball Tryout Info

Tryout Information

Information Regarding BBC Travel Baseball

·         The travel baseball program offered by the BBC is different than our rec baseball program in that it provides the opportunity for our BBC rec baseball players to play on more competitive teams.

·         The expectation is that all players, managers and coaches who play travel baseball will make a FULL COMMITTMENT to their travel teams for the ENTIRE SEASON.

·         The number of practices and games played during the travel baseball season is dependent on the plans of the travel manager for each team.

·         Players can expect to participate in winter training, team practices at least weekly, and travel leagues and tournaments during the spring, summer and fall.

  • All players in the 7U through 12U age groups who are selected to play on a 2024 BBC travel team will be required to play in the BBC spring rec baseball league.  No exceptions are granted to this requirement.  Please remember, the first priority of the BBC is to provide recreational baseball and softball programs to the children of Branchburg and surrounding areas.  BBC travel baseball teams are formed from our membership of recreational baseball players and as a result of the demand from our membership for a more competitive baseball experience.

Tryout Details

·         Tryouts are open for all players that fall within the ages outlined above.

·         Online registration is required to guarantee a player’s spot in the tryout.  Proceed to the BBC website at www.branchburgbaseball.com.

·         Players who intend to tryout must register in advance and pay the applicable tryout fee.  No walk-up registrants to the tryout will be accepted.

  • Players must attend the tryout for their specific age group.
  • Players ARE allowed to register for a tryout one age group above their normal travel baseball age as outlined above.  Note:  Players who try out for an older age group and are not selected for a team in that age group are NOT guaranteed a spot on a team at the lower age group.  Players will need to try out for both age groups to be considered for both teams.  The tryout fee is only paid one time.

·         Tryout Fee will apply for all players.  Players must pay the fee in full prior to the tryout or they will be turned away.

  • All players must bring their own equipment to the tryout.  Players that want to tryout at the catcher position must bring their own gear.  The BBC will not have catchers gear available at the tryout.
  • All players attending a BBC tryout are asked to NOT WEAR BBC UNIFORMS FROM PAST TRAVEL SEASONS.  Players who arrive at the tryout in a BBC uniform will be asked to change into something else prior to being allowed to proceed to the tryout field.
  • Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the tryout start time to check-in and warm up.  A check in desk will be located near the snack shack.  After check-in, players will be directed by BBC personnel to field WOP1 for the tryout.
  • Parents WILL NOT be permitted to attend or view the tryouts and will be asked to return for player pick-up when the tryout ends.  Each tryout is expected to last for 2 hours.  For a 6 p.m. tryout start time, player pick up will occur at 8 p.m.
  • There will be NO MAKEUP sessions for travel tryouts unless a session is cancelled due to weather.  Please adjust your schedules accordingly to ensure your child’s attendance at the tryout.
  • The BBC reserves the right to reschedule, cancel or combine age groups for tryouts based on the number of registrants in each age group.

Travel Team Formation

  • The BBC will make every effort to complete team formation as quickly as possible after tryouts are complete.  Multiple 2023 travel teams are playing during the fall.  Tryout results for all teams will not be announced until after all 2023 fall travel seasons are complete in early November.
  • Players will be notified via the BBC website, email and phone if invited to have a roster spot.
  • Results will be posted on the BBC website by player tryout number.  Please ensure both parent and player take note of the tryout number.
  • Travel managers for all 2024 teams will be announced simultaneously with the posting of travel teams.  Team managers will not be announced prior to teams being announced.

·         If a player is selected to play on a travel team, players will be responsible for an additional Travel Registration Fee.  This fee must be paid by the player’s family to confirm their acceptance of an invitation to play travel baseball with the BBC.

·         Additional team costs to pay for leagues, tournaments, winter training and uniforms will be presented by each team manager after team formation is complete.

  • All team information will be covered by the appointed Manager at a parent / players meeting to be held after team formation is complete.
  • Blue teams MAY be formed once all gold team rosters have been confirmed.  The BBC does not guarantee that Blue teams will be formed in each age group. Blue team formation is contingent on the number of players that tryout and are not invited to play on Gold teams, as well as the availability of a volunteer to manage the team.  The BBC reserves the right to combine age groups in order to have enough players to complete formation of a Blue team.