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Picture Day May 18

 2024 BBC Picture Day Schedule

BBC Picture Day will be held on Saturday May 18.

To order your pictures, go to this link:  http://www.bishopphoto.com


League Team Name Manager Photo Time
Softball K-2 River Dogs Wright 8:00 AM
Softball K-2 Trash Pandas Nazzaro 8:00 AM
Softball K-2 River Bandits Erdem 8:00 AM
Softball K-2 Iron Pigs Bogart 8:15 AM
Softball 3-5 Athletics Trexler 8:15 AM
Softball 3-5 Mets McFarland 8:15 AM
Rookie Red Wings Conti 8:30 AM
Softball 3-5 Rays Heinrichs 8:30 AM
Softball 3-5 Royals Szeman 8:30 AM
Rookie RailRiders Hannum 8:45 AM
Rookie Bats Tierney 8:45 AM
Rookie River Bandits Wysocki 8:45 AM
Rookie RiverDogs Meene 9:00 AM
Rookie Hooks Reinecker 9:00 AM
Rookie Tin Caps Tarulli 9:00 AM
Rookie Hot Rods Holderbaum 9:15 AM
Travel Softball 12u Gold Phillips 9:15 AM
Travel Softball 12u Silver Haluszka 9:15 AM
Majors 60 Angels Roy 9:30 AM
Travel Baseball 7u Gold Sharples 9:30 AM
Travel Baseball 10u Gold Rutledge 9:30 AM
Majors 60 Yankees Maider 9:45 AM
Softball 6-8 Teal Gamarello 9:45 AM
Softball 6-8 Hot Pink Haluszka 9:45 AM
Machine Pitch River Cats Alcantara 10:00 AM
Machine Pitch RockHounds Celebre 10:00 AM
Machine Pitch Mudcats Heteji 10:00 AM
Machine Pitch Space Cowboys Senchisen 10:15 AM
Machine Pitch Marauders Severson 10:15 AM
Machine Pitch Lugnuts Wright 10:15 AM
Minors 60 Yankees D'Urso 10:30 AM
Minors 60 Athletics Simone 10:30 AM
Majors 60 Orioles Smith 10:45 AM
Majors 60 Rays Herman 11:00 AM
Minors 60 Rangers Fleischer 11:45 AM
Travel Baseball 12u Gold Feaster 12:00 PM
Minors 60 Orioles Ciccarone 12:00 PM
Minors 60 White Sox Spies 12:00 PM
Majors 70 Phillies Goldstein 12:15 PM
Travel Baseball 9u Gold Banos/Fleischer 12:15 PM
Travel Baseball 13u Gold Ciccarone 12:15 PM
Majors 70 Mets Fiore 12:30 PM
Majors 70 Marlins Sheffrin 12:30 PM
Travel Baseball 8u Gold Czaszynski 12:30 PM
Travel Baseball 11u Gold Scheier  12:45 PM
Travel Baseball 9u Blue Simone 1:15 PM